Programmatic or XIB view creation?



I’m uncertain when to programmatically create a view or when to use a XIB file. It seems easier to create the UI using a XIB file.
Any insight or best strategies is appreciated!

Along those lines, in the book are we not using the project templates because it was better for learning to start from scratch? i.e., Once we understand the origins of NSObject, if we have a Tab Bar Application, should we start the Project using the Tab Bar template?

Again, any comments or best practice strategies are very welcome.



Update: I see on page 135 a “good-rule-of-thumb” explanation, but it seems to contradict the feeling that it’s recommended to programmatically create your views.
Still hoping the community chimes in on this.



The good rule of thumb is always the case.

Are you confusing “always create your view controllers programmatically” with create your views programmatically?


Yes, thanks Joe! After your comment, I remembered something in your introduction. On page, xvii, you mention always creating view controllers programmatically.
This with page 135, clears things up.

Thanks for answering!