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I was able to figure out the Bronze challenge on my own and it works fine. However, in looking into the documentation, I couldn’t seem to find much information on the distanceFilter property. I ended up just inserting the line [locationManager setDistanceFilter:50]; and assuming that the numeric format was in meters. But I want to know how I could have known that if it was actually critical.

Where in the documentation can I look to find this out? If this was an app that I needed to make sure that it was updating every 50m, I wouldn’t just assume that the propert was expecting the number in meters format. Perhaps it was looking for yards, or centimeters, or miles, or kilometers. How would I know? I couldn’t find this anywhere.



Look in: CLLocationManager Class Reference

The minimum distance (measured in meters) a device must move laterally before an update event is generated.

@property(assign, nonatomic) CLLocationDistance distanceFilter

Also Look in Core Location Constants Reference:

[code]Accuracy Constants
Constant values you can use to specify the accuracy of a location.

extern const CLLocationAccuracy kCLLocationAccuracyBestForNavigation;
extern const CLLocationAccuracy kCLLocationAccuracyBest;
extern const CLLocationAccuracy kCLLocationAccuracyNearestTenMeters;
extern const CLLocationAccuracy kCLLocationAccuracyHundredMeters;
extern const CLLocationAccuracy kCLLocationAccuracyKilometer;
extern const CLLocationAccuracy kCLLocationAccuracyThreeKilometers;

Use the highest possible accuracy and combine it with additional sensor data. This level of accuracy is intended for use in navigation applications that require precise position information at all times and are intended to be used only while the device is plugged in.
Available in iOS 4.0 and later.
Declared in CLLocation.h.

Use the highest-level of accuracy.
Available in iOS 2.0 and later.
Declared in CLLocation.h.

Accurate to within ten meters of the desired target.
Available in iOS 2.0 and later.
Declared in CLLocation.h.

Accurate to within one hundred meters.
Available in iOS 2.0 and later.
Declared in CLLocation.h.
Accurate to the nearest kilometer.
Available in iOS 2.0 and later.
Declared in CLLocation.h.

Accurate to the nearest three kilometers.
Available in iOS 2.0 and later.
Declared in CLLocation.h.



Wow…I looked right at that documentation before, shamefully it was actually a few times, and totally missed that information within the parentheses.

Thanks for the response though. I guess I need to read more carefully. What else have I missed? :confused:

Thanks again,