Pushed messages not showing up


If anyone else has this working, please chime in. I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out approaches to troubleshoot this.

According to NSLog messages and stepping through the code, my messages are pushed to Apple. My iPod touch is showing up in the CocoaServer, and the token from that registration is the token being sent to Apple.

My push notification certificate looks to be correct. My home network passes push notifications to my iPod touch for other applications.

There is a Tech Note about troubleshooting push notifications, but it’s a little dated and suggests running checks against the .app bundle. I’ve applied all those tips.

I have duplicated much of the stream code to new methods that connect to the feedback server to see if there was anything there that could help, but I, like many others, get no data from the feedback server (for documentation purposes, the inputStream from the feedback server gets an “has bytes” event, but when you read the buffer the length of data is zero – very confusing).


I was having a heck of a time with this. CocoaServer was definitely sending out the pushed notices, Apple wasn’t returning any errors, but the messages weren’t showing up on my end. I went line-by-line comparing my code to the downloaded finished code from the site.

Turns out I forgot to append the identifier bytes when assembling the data. Whoops!

So, make sure you’ve got all the pieces of your notification package properly assembled, in the right order. Earlier, I had a typo in that complex payload string, too, be very careful about that.