Q: "showQuestion:" missing from connections panel


I believe I followed the instructions in the book to the letter thus far, but when I get to page 15, under Setting targets and actions, I tried to “Select the Show Question button and Control-drag to the File’s Owner…” but I only have “showAnswer:” to choose from in the pop-up menu, and I’ve noticed that “showQuestion:” is not listed in the File’s Owner connection panel under the Received Actions section either (as shown in Figure 1.15). So I realize what is missing; I’m just not sure how or why, nor how to fix it…


Further, from page 15, “Notice that the choices in this menu are the methods you decorated with IBAction in QuizViewController.h.”

I went back to QuizControllerView.h in Xcode, and here’s what I typed while reading the Declaring Methods section on page 12 and 13:

  • (IBAction)showQuestion:(id)sender;
  • (IBAction)showAnswer:(id)sender;

So, I’ve tried to troubleshoot my own question. But I still have yet to figure out why it’s not showing up correctly in the menu…

And yes, I saved my work after I edited QuizController.h.


Did you solve your problem yet? I’m using the ebook, but I’ll do my best to help out. Are you referring to figures 1.14 and 1.15?


Try building the project and see if it throws any errors at you… maybe there is a compile-error somewhere else that is preventing the XIB from being parsed correctly.