Q: Storyboard Prototype Cells


Hi Joe/Aaron.
I’m writing another Pre :smiley: Go Pre app called Go World. got your book, watched cs193 classes. need help. in chp15, ya’ll have developers creating NIBs for the HomepwnerItemCell? huh? … know you guys are old school and i’m new school :sunglasses: cool … um … dot … GoSEAN.org … but what’s the iOS 5+ way? Must be missing something, but my copy of iOS 3rd Edition book (thank you!) makes no mention of iOS 5+ Storyboards or UITableViewCell Prototypes. Help!


Chapter 24 is dedicated to StoryBoards. We need to learn to walk before we can run!


Creating pre-fabbed table view interfaces with Storyboards is very limiting - you won’t be able to change the number of cells dynamically. Storyboards are cute, but if you need to do anything heavy-duty, you will need to subclass UITableViewCell.


Hi Joe.
A) Apologies! i’m a skimmer, somehow missed Ch.24 and UIStoryboard in the index. GoSEAN.org! lol
2) Subclassing UITableViewCells worked like charm for my needs and kudos to Apple … subclassing my CoreData-UIDocument managed prototype cells using iOS 5 was simple, just added props/synth’ed.
thank you!