Question about learning Xcode


I’m totally new to this (or frankly any) IDE and am finding that there’s a learning curve to all of the functionality / capability.
Honestly, it’s not just how does this IDE work, it’s what should I be doing with it?

  • how to set up workspace, projects, files?
  • what is approach to version control?
  • how do I re-use files / code in other projects?
  • what is process for de-bugging?
  • when and what instruments should I be applying?

Would you simply recommend that I slog through Apple’s documentation, or does anyone recommend a good book, such as perhaps this one: … pd_sim_b_2



Probably shouldn’t mention this about a rival publisher, but “Xcode 4” from Wiley’s is probably just what you’re looking for. I re-read the first few chapters every month or two and usually turn up something I wish I’d known before.