Question about RaiseMan example


Hi everyone. Love this book, I’ve been working through the examples throughout and it’s been a great help. A little stumped though on the RaiseMan app. I’m sure it’s something utterly careless in the IB config, but I’m not seeing it.

Here are screenshots of the setup.

RUN -> and I get the window, but the Add Employee button doesn’t do anything. I don’t see anything logged in the console. So it’s a silent bug.

Any help appreciated.


Well following the suggestion of another member, I deleted everything and started over: big surprise, all was well. I wish I knew how to debug all this drag-and-drop IB stuff though. For example, how do you trace what happens when the Add Employee button is clicked (i.e, get inside the NSArrayController)? I’m quite comfortable in debugger land, just not used to the world of Cocoa yet!

Onward to Chapter 9!