Question: Confused about


I am confused on the statement… Page 109. “… First, when you click on the GeoQuiz app in the launcher, the OS does not start the application: it starts an activity in the application…”

What is the actual process (OS level) that will run the GeoQuiz’s activity? I thought when we click an app icon, it always starts a new process( with Dalvik? ). I am not sure when a native process spawns, how activities from various applications are mapped to the processes. Appreciate any help on clarifying this further in advance.


You are right to be confused! We have to be intentionally vague at this point in the book because there’s a lot going on under the hood that, while useful and interesting, isn’t immediately relevant. For a more thorough discussion on processes and tasks, skip ahead to Chapter 23, More About Intents And Tasks (that chapter stands by itself, too, so it should be pretty easy to do as a one-off).