Question on Chapter 19 Requirements


I have learnt the syntax for Objective-C and i went through the iOS Programming 4th. I do not have experience writing code, as the time i learn objective-c , swift came out just then. However I’m finding it quite hard to understand the coding in first few pages of Chapter 19.

It says at the beginning of Part 5 that this part of the book covers concepts that are essential to more experienced swift developers. So are we expected to know how to type/read code like that easily or is it just there to give us the main ideas about protocols. Can some instructor please give a detailed response.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:


For most beginners, Swift is not an easy language to learn. You are expected to know about or to be quite familiar with advanced concepts.

Read this first [The Swift Programming Language (Swift 3.0.1)] (

After that, if you find that you are still not feeling comfortable with the concepts, consider learning a simple programming language first: C, then C++. Only then, you will be ready to learn any fancy language you encounter.