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On page 56, when discussing memory addresses, it is stated,
"i stores its value at … (the address found by using &i)…
although your computer may put i at a completely different address.

… so this is NOT the memory address of i … it is a pointer to another memory address?
then why did you say " …the address… is the location in memory where the value for that variable is stored." ?p. 55

I do have trouble with pointers and handles, I must be turned around somewhere.



I guess I was unclear in the part you quoted, because I think you misunderstood:

&i is the address of i. That address on my computer (let’s say that when I run the program, my computer stores i at 50939583) is different from the address on your computer (when you run the program on your computer it stores i at 4828478338).


:smiley: Oh !

Thanks !