Quiz App Crash (XCode 4.1)


Hi, I have been reading through some of the threads here and from what I understand, there have been some issues with the Quiz app and the latest version of XCode. I am running into a problem with it as well but I happen to be using XCode 4.1 which, from what I understand, should be fully supported by the 2nd edition of this book. My particular problem is that I compile the app just fine (no errors) but when I run it, the simulator launches and Xcode reports a crash with the app. However, if I close XCode, the simulator window remains running and I can use the app just fine - I cannot run the app on the simulator while Xcode is running. What gives?!

Looking at the debug navigator, breakpoints, it shows me 2.

-One pointing to QuizAppDelegate.m, points to --> @implementation QuizAppDelegate
-Second pointing to main.m, points to --> int retVal = UIApplicationMain(argc, argv, nil, nil); (says thread 1: stopped at breakpoint 1)

I am very new to XCode so if the above isnt enough and you can tell me how I can trace additional debugging info, I’d be happy to do so.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I am liking the book a lot but I am dissapointed that the very first app is causing this problem, specially when that I am seeing no issues with the code whatsoever.

I have tried turning off AutoComplete on the iOS simulator as suggested in other threads but the issue remains


Hi, can you run your application again and post the text inside debug area here?
It should appear in Xcode after clicking the Run-Button.
You can also try to clean your Project (Click on “Products” and then on “Clean” in the Xcode-Menu).
Delete the App from the Simulator and click the Run-Button again.
Maybe this fixes the error.


Hey Rockit, I figured it out. Looks like my inexperience with the development environment was the culprit I had a couple of syntax issue with the code at first which resulted in 2 breaks when running it the first time. After fixing that I guess xcode kept showing the breaks when running the app, though it did show breaks resolved in the debug log. This was somehow halting the app from running. After I clicked ‘clean breaks’ it worked. does that make sense?

Thanks again.