Quiz Simulator Problems


There are no build errors, but when I launch the iOS simulator I only see the “???” label and the “Show Answer” button. I do not see anything else, and clicking the “Show Answer” button makes the label above it say “Grapes.”


You made something wrong.
re-check the code with the book.
That’s all


I have the same problem, and have been unable to find what error I may have made in retyping the code. Any particular areas to particularly check out?


So…you do not see the “Show Question” button? If not, I suggest reviewing the instructions on pages 10-13 again.

When viewing the .xib file, click the triangle by the word “View” (just left of the screen layout area) to show the items contained therein. There should be two Labels and two Buttons. Click each item to highlight where in the screen the item is. Perhaps the first Label points to something on the screen with empty text??


I don’t know if there was anything wrong. After exiting Xcode (and setting it aside for a few hours), because it wasn’t working, I came back to it…and I highlighted and removed the two upper controls (the question label…which I’d added some text to for troubleshooting purposes… and Show Question button) and then I hit Paste. Then I ran it and it appeared to work. So my guess is Xcode got confused? shrug