QuizActivity.java and layout.xml not generated by Eclipse


Here’s a dumb new guy question if there ever was one… I’m working through your book, and encountered the following problem. Eclipse generates the GeoQuiz app, but fails to generate certain files, such as layout.xml and QuizActivity.java. I followed the instructions on pages 2-6 carefully but the Layout and SRC folders are empty. I was able to create the layout.xml file easily enough on my own, but creating the QuizActivity.java file requires a wizard with which I’m not familiar. If this issue stems from something I’m doing wrong, or could be doing differently, with Eclipse when I generate the App, I’d love your input. Alternatively, could you please give me a brief primer on the class creation wizard in Eclipse?

For reference, I’m using the google ADT/Eclipse bundle including:
ADT Build: v22.3.0-887826
Eclipse Java Development Tools: 3.8.2.v20130016
Eclipse Platform: 4.2.1.v20130018
Eclipse RCP: 4.2.2v20130129

Android SDK Tools: 22.6
Android SDK Platform Tools: 19.0.1
Android SDK Build Tools: 19.0.3
Android API: 19 (4.4.2)

Running on Ubuntu 12.04


Update the ADT with the latest release. I had the same issues trying out the first Application, and those files were generated after i updated the ADT to (version 22.6.0).

stackoverflow.com/questions/2224 … creating-a


Hello Quim88 - thank you for your quick response. I ran the “Check For Updates” menu option in Eclipse and it reported that all software was up to date. I hesitate to manually force an update from 22.3 to 22.6 through the plugin installer per the suggestion in the link you posted without knowing a little more about the nature of the issue. Was this reported as a bug in 22.3, or could it be a settings issue?

Thank you!


Update: I decided to roll the dice and, per your suggestion, force the upgrade to 22.6, and now it seems to be working fine, although with the occasional hang while “loading android data”, which seems to have been widely addressed on stackoverflow forums- thanks for the tip! Unless anyone has anything else to add, this post can be marked “closed/answered” (what’s the local custom?) by a moderator.