R.java not even there


When I get to the step to look for R.java it is not there. There is only a file called BuildConfig.java in the gen folder. How do I get eclipse to generate R.java?


A few things to try:

  1. Check for any errors in resource files (Red flagged files in Eclipse Project Explorer) and correct. The R class file will not be generated if there are errors in any of the resource files.
  2. Check if android.R has been automatically imported by Eclipse in any of your .java files. Delete if it has.
  3. Perform a clean on your project

You can find R.java under this file directory:

Project/app/build/generated/source/r/debug/com.android.(whatever the project’s name may be goes here)/R.java

That should get you to the point where you can see the R.java stuff, but in order for it to work I had to import android.R into QuizActivity.java.

Hope this helps at all.

[EDIT] Don’t use import android.R, it will break your code. I learned that the long way for sure… :blush: