RanchForecast adaptation


I’ve successfully adapted RanchForecast program to using NSURLSession and NSURLSessionDataTask to download the JSON data from https://bookapi.bignerdranch.com/courses.json
Anyway I’ve found a couple of problems to solve and I’m not quite sure I did it well.
In particular the URL is pointing to a site which has an expired SSL certificate. I then had to add the code for letting the user be notified about it and eventually resolve the challenge.
I’ve created a GIT repository at: https://github.com/vale-cocoa/RanchForecast hence it’ll be useful to other users getting on this part of the book as I did, and it’ll be greatly appreciated if someone can help me out to better understand how to solve challenges which are recoverable with SSL certificates (or point me to the right resource to get documented about it).
Modifying the URL to the insecure one https://bookapi.bignerdranch.com/courses.json it’s working because I’ve modified the info.plist of the project so it could override for that URL Apple’s new security policy which makes any connection to insecure URL disabled by default.


Thank you for your comments!: