RandomPossessions on OSX Snow Leopard


I can’t use ARC on Chapter 2 for the RandomPossessions for a Command Line Tool because OSX Snow Leopard does not have the check-box on the “choose options for this project” screen.

However, I want to learn the ARC way of coding, and I notice that the iOS 5 projects all seem to have Automatic Reference Counting checkbox, so is there another template I can use to create this project which will do everything (or at least a close approximation of everything) that the book requires.

I don’t want to just skip it, because the book seems to require it later. I cannot upgrade to Lion because my mac mini is too old, and I would prefer not to use the old-style release/retain unless it’s absolutely necessary, since the book seems to deal exclusively with ARC.

Hope someone can help me. :slight_smile:



I am sticking with MRC as ARC encourages programmers to forget about what’s going on under the hood, and to write inefficient programs.


Good for you! :slight_smile: I’m always pleased to see people taking the time to do things the hard way. That way lies enlightenment.

I did do the project using manual reference counting, but because I have not got examples in front of me, I am at a disadvantage when checking line-by-line to see if I made any errors.

What I want in this particular case is to follow the book as closely as possible. That’s why I bought it, after all. :slight_smile:

I want to learn how to use ARC properly, by coding it myself, from examples in a book.