Rationale for program organization


In this app, all of the view control, table control, search bar control, data manipulation etc are all done with the appDelegate. For the purposes of teaching sqlite it clearly doesn’t matter if the app is written entirely within the appDelegate or if a new .h/.m file pair is created for each object.

However, I’m curious - it seems to me that in a so-called “real world” implementation, it would be more robust to implement a UITableViewController (or UIViewController) to handle the view, another NSObject to handle the data acquisition and manipulation, and so on?

This question comes up because I’ve decided to write this app as a “universal app” rather than a specific iPad (iPhone) app, and noticed that I have no option for landscape/portrait unless I use a UIViewController.

Again, I realize the intent of this app is to teach SQLite, but am I right on the idea for splitting it up?