Reassurance for a confused man


I’m new to the forum so hi everyone.

I’ve been on the long road to becoming a developer for about one month now. I’ve read “Programming in Objective-C 2.0” by Stephen G.Kohan.
I’m now working through this book and was ticking along nicely until this chapter. I’m not complaining about the book as I think its brilliant.

My question though is, have I stepped forward to this book too quickly? Is there other material I should have read before taking this one on.

Any advice is welcomed



Hard to say without knowing where the confusion lies.

Are you comfortable with the object-oriented concepts? You mentioned “on the long road to becoming a developer for about one month.” Does that mean starting from scratch (i.e., no prior programming experience at all)? So in that one month you’ve read (and presumably worked through) the 600+ pages of Kochan AND the first five chapters of this book?? If so, that’s blazing.

The key is not just typing in the provided code, but working through your own enhancements as well. It’s the same answer as the one to the famous question, “How does one get to Carnegie Hall?” (Answer: practice, practice, practice. :slight_smile:)


Thanks for the speedy reply,

I haven’t started completely from scratch but my only experience is B.A.S.I.C from years ago and a little VBA recently. It was the VBA that got me thinking “wow this excel ‘user form’ i’ve made would work great on an iPhone/ipad”. Don’t get me wrong these two things only really gave me a small heads up about things like for loops and if statements. The OO side of things has been a huge learning curve for me.

I have gone through the Kochan book and up to this chapter of this book, although I must admit I didn’t do some of the Kochan exercises as I found them more to do with maths than programming sometimes. I’ve also given ‘iPhone and iPad apps for absolute beginners’ by Rory Lewis a go but found it was mainly copy and pasting code and not much explanation in between. I’m basically dedicating 4-5 hours at this a day. I really enjoy it.

I don’t really have any particular questions from this chapter, it just seemed to ramp up real quick. I don’t want to blindly get to chapter 8 and realise i’m in way too deep.


This is part of the process, unfortunately. Sometimes you have to struggle through a particular topic or concept and come out the other end feeling no wiser. Then, you press on to something new which connects the dots in your head and what you thought you didn’t understand now makes sense.

This happens when learning programming a lot. It’ll come eventually, and it will come at very odd times.


Not to pile another book on you, but you might want to check out Aaron Hillegass’ new book “Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide” coming out in a few weeks. As I understand it, it’s the only introductory level book he’s written, and in addition to teaching you Objective-C, he also wrote it to help you “think like a programmer”.

Good luck,