Recommendations for Java Books


I am merrily wading into the new book, but I suspect I may reach the limit of my Java knowledge before I reach the end of the book. Are there any recommendations for Java books. I suspect for the broader audience there would be value in recommending Intro books to get people up to speed and then Reference books for those with a rust. Book is great so far, don’t want to put it down.

New book version, 7th edition?

We generally recommend what Amazon reviewers recommend for learning Java:

[amazon=0071606327]Oracle-sanctioned Beginner’s Guide[/amazon]

[amazon=0596009208]Head First Java[/amazon]

We really like [amazon=0321356683]Effective Java[/amazon] for best practices.


“Sams Teach Yourself Java in 21 days” is really good. It’s good for a beginner or even someone with some Java experience. Goes over code and concepts. It’s a tutorial book, not a reference book, similar to this Android book.


Hi all, I bought Oracle’s Beginning Java book from the link above. Great book, but be aware that the link above does not take you to the latest edition.

But, while we’re sort of on the subject, can someone recommend a good learning JavaScript book? Especially since it is possible to embed JS into iOS code.

Thanks in advance.


I would recommend taking a look at [color=#0040FF]Intro To Java by Liang[/color]. Ifpossible buy a key access code that allows access to the on-line information. They have examples, soltions for homework problem, and video tutorials that are very good. Check with the vendor to make sure that you don’t need an institutional code in order for the key code to work.

[color=#0040BF]Head First Java[/color] is old. The last revision was in 2005. It has a number of issues including not really teaching a person to actually code and models behavior in the book that could get a person who works a corporate job fired from said job.


Java: A Beginner’s Guide, Sixth Edition by Herb Schildt is excellent. Lots of short, complete examples, and the man knows his stuff. This just teaches the basics though, but teaches it well.