RecyclerView Dependency error (Solved!)



I have added recyclerview-v7 as shown in p.180.

However, the following error message comes up:

"Error:Execution failed for task ‘:app:processDebugManifest’.

Manifest merger failed : Attribute value=(25.3.0) from [] AndroidManifest.xml:27:9-31
is also present at [] AndroidManifest.xml:24:9-38 value=(26.0.0-alpha1).
Suggestion: add ‘tools:replace=“android:value”’ to element at AndroidManifest.xml:25:5-27:34 to override."

Please kindly help me how to solve it.


I’ve solved the problem. It must be some compatibility problem with sdk. I opened build.gradle(Module:app) to check dependencies and erased/added again support-v4, recyclerview v-7, appcompat v-7 in File>Poject Structure. It worked.



I had the same problem. But I figured out that the problem is from recyclerView dependency that you add to compile with. So try to use this: compile ‘’


I was having the same issue after adding the RecyclerView library which was coming in as version 26.0.0-alpha1.

I noticed my Appcompat library was at version 25.3.1

So I was able to fix the error by updating the AppCompat library to match the RecyclerView version.

Goto Project Structure->app->Dependencies and remove any older AppCompat libraries then click add and search for and you should see a newer version that matches the RecyclerView library.


I don’t know why but when I was trying to add dependencies it gave me option of compile ‘’ and compile '’for both of them. I removed it and manually coded below and sync gradle. It worked for me.

compile ''
compile ''


Awesome easy solution for the problem, thanks!


it helped me… thanks a lott…