Reference guide at the end of the book


Hi, new here and to O-C programming.

My first question may seem trivial, but just to know what to do next.

I just bought the book here in Italy and looking at the end of the book I see the “Xcode 4 A Visual Reference Guide”.

The very last page shows the “Xcode 4 Text Commands”.

Looking close to the book binding I noticed a piece of what seems to be the remains of one last page, just as it has been tore off.

Is the “Xcode 4 A Visual Reference Guide”/“Xcode 4 Text Commands” the very last page of the book?

If not, I have to bring my copy back to the store to have it replaced.

Thanks for your reply!



You are not missing any pages. That stub of a page is just from the binding process and the preceding page.


Thank you Aaron! I feel much better now! :smiley:

I really like the way you teach and the encouragement you infuse every now and then.

Thank again.

Have a great day!



The visual reference guide looks great… however, I am visualizing the process of tearing it out and I am really concerned that I will rip the cover from the book when trying to do this. Other than an X-acto knife (which has anther set of problems) any suggestions for safe removal? Is there a pdf available for download? Could I buy a nice laminated version from BNR?


We don’t sell laminated version of the reference card (primarily because they go out of date every time Apple ships a new version of Xcode). I’d go with the X-acto knife.


It’s perforated, I had the same worry, just go slow and tear it out, you won’t damage your binding.


Indeed, as Dave says, if you look closely you can see it is perforated close to the binding. I would recommend bending it back and forth a few times to weaken that perforation, and then just being careful.