Regarding Errata


First of all, i have red a lot in the book and i like it. Unfortunately there is a lot of small errors and typos mainly in the errata-thread, but also in the chapter-sections. Would it be possible to provide a chapter-based PDF with the errors and corrections? Or a similar solution



This is a really good suggestion. I think a thread for each chapter would make it easier to see the errata but also easier for reporting and verifying that no one else has already done so.


I’ve actually found myself simply just posting about a possible error I found isntead of looking through the errata first. It’s a bit hard to find something in there the way it is now.
Make it happen!


Anyone of the authors want to respond to this?


The 3rd edition has a pdf errata organized by chapter that was incredibly useful. I imagine it takes a while to compile, but hoping for the same again for the 4th edition.