Removing archived points


I’ve managed to meet the explicit part of the challenge but it seems one should also be able to remove an archived point as well. It would seem the appropriate place to do this would be when the annotation for a particular point is displayed. How can you tap in to the annotation display process to execute your own code?



The MKMapViewDelegate protocol has a method called mapView:didSelectAnnotationView: that you could use to get a notification when an annotation is selected and then show a toolbar or something with a remove button.

Or you could create a new object that inherits from MKAnnotationView and use the left— or rightCallOutAccessoryView in combination with the MKMapViewDelegate’s “mapView:annotationView:calloutAccessoryControlTapped:”. You could guide users to a detailnib with a deletebutton.


Thanks for the help, I’ll give them a try.