Replaced chapters


Hi, when they changed the Amazon webservice, I rewrote this chapter and the iPhone chapter to use a different service:


Looks good, can’t wait to code it :slight_smile:

And btw, good work everyone, we now have the “resurrected” amazon app, the google books app and a new UNEP temperature query app, nicely done :smiley:


I cannot seem to get DegreeDaze to compile. I am at ‘Build and Run’ on page 6.

I don’t understand why DegreeDazeAppDelegate.m defines

with it in - I get 15 errors.

Guessing this might be a typo and changing it to

I get an error in -(id)init -
No super class declared.

So perhaps the actual initialisation code ought to be in

since this is a delegate. Then I get

At this point my idea bank is exhausted.

I am sure I am doing something dumb - but what?


I noticed that in the Cocoa-3rd-supplement that I downloaded that on page 2
the @interface line appears to have a typo. Shouldn’t it have DegreeDazeAppDelegate inherit from NSObject?
like @interface DegreeDazeAppDelegate:NSObject <NSApplicationDelegate, NSTableViewDataSource>


Sadly this no longer works as the UN server that was providing the XML data is not online.
Looks like we need yet another supplement…


This sample URL works fine for me (as of 5:29pm PT Sunday).