Replacing Amazon Web Service with Google Books Data API


For all those who don’t want to create an AWS account to sign the web service request I would like to share my experience with Google Books Data API. It works great and doesn’t require any signatures.

In method fetchBooks: use the following URL String:

NSString *urlString = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"" @"q=%@&" @"max-results=20", searchString];

Item nodes can be found at this XPath:

itemNodes = [[doc nodesForXPath:@"feed/entry" error:&error] retain];

For the table view you need to use the following XPaths in Interface Builder:

dc:identifier[2] // for an Identifier like ISBN dc:title // for a title dc:creator // for an author

The Link to the corresponding web page can be accessed with XPath: link[2]/@href

For me this works great. I hope it helps to prevent some headaches when going through the AWS documentation for creating the signature. I don’t understand why I need a signature and a key at all to search the public amazon catalogue.



Wow, thanks for the tip. I’ll try and remember this when I get to this chapter.


Thanks for this! Works really well.


Marvelous! I nearly wanted to skip this chapter until I read this topic. Thanks for sharing! :smiley:


Superb! Thanks Tobias.