Resizing subviews


Apologies if this is covered somewhere. I am trying to understand how UINavigationController resizes subviews vs not. Near the beginning of Ch10, it states:

“Notice how BNRItemsViewController’s view was resized to fit the screen with a navigation bar. UINavigationController did this for you.”

But then later on when building the BNRDetailViewController, it says:

“It is important that the subviews you just added are not positioned near the very top of the XIB. This is because the view of a UIViewController extends beneath the UINavigationBar”

So why does the first view controller have it’s view resized but not later ones? Does that mean we determine whether a view will be used inside a UINavigationController at UI-design time (as opposed to say reusing a view controller in different parts of an app, some as part of a navigation controller and some not?)


Ah, I understand now - it’s because navigation controllers allow subviews to appear behind transparent navigation bars by default.