Resizing the UIView


Hey Guys, so i created the XIB, dragged the UIView and the 2 UIButtons onto it. now how do I resize the UIView so that it is slightly taller than the 2 buttons i.e to make it look like the pic in the book?

Now my headerView is as tall as the iPhone screen :slight_smile:

Simple thing but can’t figure it out. btw, the width/height controls on the Size Inspector are greyed out.

hope you can help.


Found the answer! in Xcode under the Attributes Inspector for the View, I changed the Size (in Simulated Metrics) from ‘Retina 4 Full Screen’ which seems to be the default to ‘Freeform’. Now I have the … handles to resize the view!

I’m using Xcode 4.5. not sure if this behaviour is different in other versions.



I’m having the same problem. When I add cells, they appear outside the purview of the screen and I have to scroll down to see them. I changed the size in the attributes inspector to freeform. That alone won’t do it, so I’m wondering what other handles you changed to get it to regular size.


Fixed…all you have to do is click on the headerview in the xib file and adjust its size right on the canvas.