Resource folder missing in



I’m really enjoying the book so far, but I I’m unable to find the Resource folder in the file. I read that it was located in with the chapter folders, but didn’t see it there either. Is it not in the currently posted file or am I just not looking in the correct place?



I just downloaded the zip last night and I too cannot find the Icons. I saw a reference in the General Discussion forums to this (a month or so back) which indicated that the original posting of did not have the PNGs but that it had been updated. I guess the old zip has somehow returned.

I’m quite sure there is no resources directory in Chapter 1 nor in the root directory. In fact I don’t see any PNGs in the entire directory.

Not a big issue but if you guys are reading this you may want to correct it.



I can confirm that.

The one I downloaded a couple weeks ago, created July 12th, was 7MB, and contained 615 files (via QuickLook) including the icons in question. The one I downloaded just now was created August 31st, is only 4.8MB, contains 597 files (but not the icons in question), and has a slightly different structure (with a new top-level folder named IOSsolutions).


Thanks for confirming that I am not crazy (about that anyway)!

It’s not a big deal but I do wonder if future projects might have more significant omissions.

Any idea how to make the guys who post that zip read this thread?


I’ve sent a msg to the good folks at BNR letting them know of the issue. I don’t know how they deal with email to their generic inbox but hopefully it won’t take too long. If/when I hear anything back, I’ll be happy to post the update here.


Many thanks.


Yes, thank you for confirming this and contacting them.

PS. Do I get extra credit for making my own icon?


It seems to be still missing but it was the week-end, even them have the right for some rest :slight_smile:


If it looks good, YES! If it doesn’t, then I’m afraid you lose points.



I found them in the github library… … -SimpleApp for those who can’t wait for the fix.

I also noted that on page 25, it states that a drop-down sheet will appear. That did not happen in my version. I am on the Lion OS so maybe something unique to it?


Sorry about that, we’re putting them up again as I type this.



I just downloaded the new file and the Resources folder is in there.