Resume MPMoviePlayerController after pause


As you know, when the user taps the “Home” button, my -applicationWillResignActive and my -applicationDidEnterBackground instance overridden methods are accessed. In the former, only, I call my App Delegate’s -pauseApp which eventually calls [myMPMoviePlayerController pause]. So far so good.

When in a short while I re-launch my app from the dock, my -applicationWillEnterForeground and my -applicationDidBecomeActive are accessed. Within the latter, I call [myMPMoviePlayerController play]. However, contrary to the apple docs, the video starts over from the beginning. - not from its paused-at point.

Any ideas?? By the way, I’ve been all over the web and all traffic says a call to -play should start up at where ever it was paused, or stopped.

For whatever it’s worth, I’m at your 2nd edition’s chapter about Blocks - don’t know what they’re all about, but I know I will find out.

Thanks …

John Love

FYI: I also use MPMoviePlayerController to play audio because I download both the video and audio from my web site and AVAudioPlayer only accesses iApp embedded audio, not Internet-streamed audio. And, I’ve found the magic to play the audio (mp3) and avoid the display of the ((Q)) graphic. Life is good and would be very good if I could solve the pause, play dilemma.

Thanks again …