Reverting to Xcode5 for 4th Edition Compatibility


As a beginner, your instructions to modify your 4th edition startup sequences for compatibity with xcode 6 were more than I could handle.

So I figured I would go back to xcode5 since 4th edition said you wrote for xcode5.0.1.

I “appzapped” xcode 6 and reinstalled xcode 5. Tried both 5.0 and 5.2. Right off the bat, opening your BNRQuizViewController.xib file crashed xcode!! Other files opened just fine.

My Mac is runnning Yosemite 10.10.1

What do you suggest I do now?

Your friend, Dee


I am using Xcode 6.1 OS X 10.10 to learn the book, doing all the examples and exercises now. I’m in Chapter 26 and will finish it in about two weeks. There are some slight differences between that and the book. But just do some search they are all manageable. Besides that, some of the methods are deprecated in OS X 10.10, and I have managed to find new way to do them. I might share my new solution and notes of doing them in Xcode 6 when I’m done.

Or maybe you can wait the new edition of the book. It is said to be available in April.