Review so far + a question


[li]I just finished the introduction to programming. So far the book has been ace.[/li]
[li]I am a product designer and I never really programmed before other than some wannabe javascript to pump my html/css mockups.[/li]
[li]All chapters are super well explained, good examples, and super hands on approach.[/li]
[li]I feel that by knowing some concepts from javacript it was super easy for me to get deeper into variables, functions, loops, if’s, numbers and so on…[/li]
[li]I confess that three of the last four chapters, 8. 9. 11. where harder to understand. I believe I understood them from a high level point of view, but I would have had difficulty coming up with solutions for them by myself without checking the forum here at big nerd ranch.[/li][/ul]

My question is: at a 50% level of confidence in those last 3 chapters am I ready to move on? Or will I easily get stuck as I jump onto the Objective-C chapter?