Root view controller


When I try to build and run after the new code described on pages 184-185, the iPhone 5.0 Simulator starts up, but doesn’t show the views. In addition I get the message:
“Applications are expected to have a root view controller at the end of application launch”

I can’t find what I did wrong. Dubble checked everything. Even started a new project (iTahDoodle2) which leads to exact the same result. Then I looked up “root view controller” in the manuals, but it appears that that stuf is beyond the objectives of the current chapter.

Can you help me out of this problem?


Just ignore that error. It isn’t a big deal. (We cut a few corners to make the exercise really simple. In later versions of Xcode, the simulator is a little more pedantic.)


Thank you very much for your quick answer. It proofs you remain working in the weekend! I hope that I can go along with the current chapter.