Rotation "bug"


In the end of this chapter (just before the “Challenges” section), the book says that we’ll see a bug if we rotate the device (or the emulator using Ctrl+F12).

I’m running the app that comes with this chapter in Eclipse (emulator) and when rotating, the device doesn’t actually rotates. The head bar (with the time and the app title) just rotates to the left, as well as all other views in this app.

More importantly, I can’t see the bug that causes the app to go back to the first question. The app keeps the current question – it just rotates all of the views.

Is this something on my end?



See if this helps:


The emulator windows is rotating, but the views inside it aren’t. Instead of rotating respectively, the views (buttons, textviews) are “lying on their side”.


Not sure why i didn’t see this thread before. Anywho, I’m running Eclipse Kepler and 4.4.2 and see a similar issue (see the thread i started just after yours). Seems like this is a bug: