In listing 34.23 two calls are made to isTrackingRun(mRun)

isTrackingRun as written earlier does not take a parameter.

The sample code in the download file includes this method:

public boolean isTrackingRun(Run run) { return run != null && run.getId() == mCurrentRunId; }
I believe this is missing from the book.


I believe you’re right. I’ll be sure this gets added to the errata.

Thanks for the report!


It’s July and a solution hasn’t been updated in the errata. What’s the holdup?


Ahh, I assumed that Brian would take care of it. Added!


To be clear, are we supposed to remove the mRun parameter from the isTrackingRun(mRun)?


The fix is to include the method quoted above by pmcconnell, so that you will have one version with a Run parameter and one without (Both are used in different places.).