Runtime error when trying to increase the size of bigRect


Not sure how to describe this problem because I’m a noob so I’ll post a screenshot of the code and the error/stacktrace. Am I typing something wrong in a way that passes the compiler’s standards but doesn’t make sense at runtime?

Appreciate the help, especially because it’s probably something obvious I’m missing.


If more info is necessary to diagnose what’s going on I’d be happy to post it. Can’t move on to other lessons until i fix this :frowning:


I’m not sure if you’re intentionally setting a breakpoint for debugging, but if not, then that’s your problem.

It seems Xcode likes to randomly make a breakpoint sometimes. If that’s all this is, then click on the blue highlighted/pressed button that looks like a shopping tag right above “self… application… launchOptions… etc”, and press the “play” button directly to the right of it. The “play” button will resume the app


I agree—it’s not a runtime error. It’s a breakpoint. The label to the right of your code says “breakpoint,” which means it’s hitting a breakpoint that you’ve set (intentionally or unintentionally). Removing the breakpoint (the blue ribbon on the left of the code in the editor area) will fix the problem.