RunTracker not tracking anything


Hi, I have a question regarding the code provided from Chatper 33 RunTracker. I have successfully compiled the app and its working but everytime I press start nothing seems to appear. I have no data showing up on Latitude Longitude Altitude. I don’t understand how GPS works on the phone though. Notification bar shows it is searching for GPS and I have been waiting for quite awhile since yesterday to have data come up but I am unlucky. Any thoughts? What should be the output and how long does it take to get my location?

I have all the 3 location services on:

  1. Google Location Service
  2. GPS Satellite
  3. Location and Google Search


In general, the GPS will locate the Satellites in about 1 or 2 minutes.

1.If you are indoor, take your phone near the window.
2.Test the GPS function use another APP(such as google map), its working will prove your GPS module is OK and you are in the place which can locate the Satellites.
3.In the worst situation, in case of your GPS is not working properly or you are indoor and can not locate the Satellites, use the Test Provider APP supplied by the author to mock a GPS, you will also experiense the Effect of the RunTracker APP.

May you succeed.