Save OK but won't open


I’m at the end of page 169. Running the program I can add people, delete, edit and SAVE (‘a version’). However, opening just makes the window shake(?) and no employees are displayed. If I add employees, quit the program and re-open the program the employees from before are present. It looks like Lion’s versioning is interfering. Any switches to throw or have I just made an error somewhere?

Related or not? I have named one outlet ‘tableview’ and it worked OK. I noticed during this chapter that the view should be called ‘tableView’ and made that change and re-did the link to the outlet?


OK, if I close the current window and then Open… a window opens with the data saved previously. When starting from an empty window the first ‘Save…’ asks for a name. From then on it is ‘Save a Version’. Opening a different saved file opens a new window with the data. You can also 'Revert Document…" from a Time Machine type interface… OK, seems Lion is in charge, very slick.

… all explained on page 174.