Screen Capture in simulator


Great Book thanks for writing this. :smiley:
I downloaded the iPad version thorough Amazon, also purchased your recommended Programming in Objective-C 2.0 by Steven G. Kochan.

You explain in the book how to perform a screen capture in the Organizer, can this also be performed when using the Simulator, or do you have to use the device method.

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I’m not the author, but I wanted to say that if there’s a way to screenshot in the simulator itself, I haven’t seen it. Sometimes you get an edit menu item for “Copy Screen” which lets you copy the iPhone simluator’s screen, but that only seems to be active when there is something in this UI that you can select, so it probably isn’t useful for capturing a default image.


This is more of a general Mac question.

On the Mac, you can perform a screen shot by hitting Command-Shift-3. But that takes a screenshot of your entire screen.

So you can hit Command-Shift-4 and that give you a nice crosshair where you can click, drag and release to capture a rectangle from your screen.

However, what I do to take screenshots of the simulator (all the screenshots for the book are taken in this manner) is I hit Command-Shift-4 to give me the crosshair. Then I hit the spacebar, and the cursor turns into a Camera icon. You can click on any window that is currently visible once in the Camera mode and it will take a screenshot of that window. Then, I crop the image in Preview to get rid of the iPhone device surrounding it.


Where is the image saved with Command-Shift-4?


It should be saved to the desktop as “Screenshot 00-00-0000” where the zeros are replaced with the current date.


Yep. Thanks.


hi guys, try out “iPhone Screentaker” by Fabian Kreiser is a grate tool for making PR (screenshots) for you’r apps.