Scrolling Help


I would like to make the detail view from this chapter scrollable as I have added a bunch of extra label/fields.

I have been struggling for a day now on this - I have tried adding a ScrollView to the XIB and putting all the UIView components (the labels and textfields) inside it, but this causes nothing to work (the existing fields are not set) and there is no scrolling.

I must be immensely confused. I have hooked up the ScrollView to the FIleOwner as delegate as well. Everything builds but nothing works. Some simple instructions would be much appreciated. (OMG this was so much easier on Android!)


A Scroll View needs to know the size of its content in order to be able to scroll it properly.

It has a few important properties:

You must at least set the contentSize property.

You can find more information in: UIScrollView Class Reference.


It amazes me that the simplest things such as proper wordwrap for a multiline textview, and scrolling are so painful on iOS as compared to Android… sigh…