Set Static Text Fields to Editable on p 186?


In the Attributes Inspector for the Static Text - Table View Cells for cols 0 and 1, there is no editable checkbox as mentioned on p. 184.

On p. 183: when I entered the bindings shown in the table, for
col 0 Image View
col 0 Static Text - Table View Cell
col 1 Static Text - Table View Cell
col 2 Check Box

the Key Paths Did not autofill for the completions, and an exclamation point in a gray disk remains at the end of the Model Key Path fields.

I triple checked all the instructions in the Chapter up to this point, so the entity, attributes, identity, and previous bindings are all as specified.

I would appreciate any help or advice. Thank you.


There isn’t an Editable checkbox, although I think there used to be. The book is referring to the popup button with the label Behavior. Set that popup to Editable. (If you are referring to the “Conditionally Sets Editbale” checkbox at the bottom of the page, that pertains to the bindings on the Image View.)

Don’t worry about those warning indicators – sometimes Xcode shows that but it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong, unfortunately.



Thank you for the clarifications. And, yes, I was hoping that you’d say that we can expect too much from Xcode’s housekeeping.