Setting icons on iPhone


iOS Programming BNR Guide, 3rd edition, page 24, “Application Icons”

Got my Apple dev account/signing certificates/provisioning drill all done. Through page 23, got the Quiz app to run on my iPhone (as well as in the simulator).

I downloaded and dragged the BNR icons to the App Icons section, per page 24-25; this has the desired effect in the simulator.

However, when I change the target to my iPhone (which is already able to run the blank-icon version from page 23), the iPhone still shows the blank icon, both before and after starting and stopping the run.

Just to make sure the iPhone is running the new build, I also changed the question/answer from 7+7=14 to 2+2=4; the new question and answer show when I click the buttons on the iPhone, but the icons still do not show the BNR logo.

Do I need to do something at the Provisioning level to get the new button icons to “take”?



Try shift+cmd+k. That´s clearing some cached resources. I´m not 100% sure which of them, but I think the images are one of it.
When I did an internship at an app developer company, the most used shortcuts were
shift+cmd+k (clear)
cmd+b (build without running to check typos etc.)
cmd+r (run on simulator or iphone or ipad respectively)


Good ideas, but I had already tried the Clean command (shift-command-K) to no effect.

Then it occurred to me to delete the app from the phone itself, by tap-and-hold until the icons start jiggling, then the x in the corner.

This did the trick, since the next run on the iPhone had to do a full install.

Not the most graceful way to do it, but it does at least get the job done. It’s not like I am going to be changing the icon very often.

One remaining oddity: I specified a start image, which shows up in the split second that the simulator is starting up, but never shows up on the iPhone. This is realy not very important, since the start image is not going to last long (as pointed out on page 27).