Setting the UTI in xCode 4


Does anyone know how to set up the ZIPspector application to use the UTI in xCode 4?

The Apple Documentation that I find is useless. I have tried doing it as a document type and as a Imported UTI, I must be missing something. The best I can do it setting it as a document type I can attempt to open a .zip file, but then I get the error “The document “” could not be opened. ZIPspector cannot open files in the “ZIP archive” format.”


Well despite it frustrating me for hours to the point that I resorted to asking a question of a forum, I couldn’t let it go. After a couple more hours of unhelpful documentation and trial and error I have answered my own question.

For anyone else who has this problem, when you set a ‘Document Type’ in Xcode 4, you can set ‘Additional document type properties’. If you add the property ‘Imported Type UTIs’ and specify an ‘Item’ with an ‘Identifier’ of and say that it ‘Conforms to UTIs’, then it seems that your application will open and read .zip files.

This is the only combination I found that works. Using the separate (from ‘Document Types’) ‘Imported UTIs’ drop down did nothing useful for me and in the Document Types additional property I had to specify both ‘Identifier’ and ‘Conform to UTIs’ fields for it too work.

All the best.