Short sound won't play in simulator


Has anybody else had a problem with audio playing in the simulator for this example? I can’t get shortSound to play on Page 453.

The volume is up, and I followed a suggestion on StackOverflow to disable and re-enable user interface sounds in System Preferences on my Mac, but no joy (the box is checked). There are no error messages in the console, and I know the event’s firing because I’m logging there, too.

I also added the AudioServicesPlaySystemSound call to init after the sound ID is generated, but this isn’t working either.

I also just ran the downloaded/finished example, and it exhibits the same problem. The audio and video clips play fine, but not the short sound.

Any help? Thanks.


This is a new bug in the simulator. Hopefully it’ll get fixed up.


Hey Joe,

Thanks for answering my questions. I finished the book and found it very helpful (and will be referring back to it as I’m in the “OMG now what?” phase). :wink: