Should I upgrade from the iPhone to iOS Programming Book?


Hi guys,

I have the book “iPhone Programming, the Big Nerd Ranch Guide” but never really got to work through it.

Anyway I noticed the updated book is “iOS Programming, the Big Nerd Ranch Guide”. Is there a big difference between the two? Would it be wise to upgrade to the iOS book? (I have no problem doing so if its worth it).

I understand there is a third edition coming out but I can’t wait that long.


You’ve had the first book this long. you can’t wait a month for the third?

you make it sound like its more than a year away.

you do know its out like real soon now right?


I was under the impression it wasn’t out until April…

Oh well the new one is on its way to me anyway :wink:

Its thicker and from some of the reviews I’ve seen online its worth the upgrade. I’ll know soon enough :slight_smile: I’m almost done with the Objective-C book which was an excellent refresher (I haven’t used Objective-C in two years).


huh. i thought it was march. maybe it is april…

I am currently working my way through iOS programming 2nd edition. i’m thinking about picking up the 3rd one. i like the challenges. forces you to try to figure things out on your own.

I tried searching for something like that online. I once saw a website like that for Ruby. everyday (or was it once a week) there was a new challange and people try to do that and than post their response.

looks like the third book is going to have a easy, med, hard for chaptors.

the obj-c book is actually more updated. it covers ARC. which the 2nd edition doesn’t. its why i would suggest getting the third one.

but i bet its best to try to program at least a little each day. its hard to come back to after long periods of time in between.