Silly suggestion


If a picture is worth a thousand words and YouTube is a FREE service then why in the heck can’t you just put up a simple / quick video showing how to easily use AutoLayout?

It is all but impossible to follow the book and not have issues here in my humble opinion.

The books steps get fuzzy after the first two controls. Less words and more pictures of steps would really help.

Pealing back the internals of this file isn’t pretty either, to compare with your finished result example.

I also feel like there is a bug in iOS 7 with how it deals with my UIImageView constraints. It’s what developers first think when things don’t work after a day of groking at it. =)

When I tested with a physical iPad and iPhone 4’’ I would get it to work on one device but not the other.

I finally kicked back to the “BNRDetailViewController~ipad.xib” and “BNRDetailViewController-iphone.xib” trick.

The book was going great and easy to follow until this point. Based on how nobody has commented in these sections going forward… I’m wondering if it is just me. :slight_smile: