Silver Challenge - Event question



I’m on the silver challenge …
It’s working fine when I use the event “Touch Drag Outside” with the following IBACTION (I just have to slide my finger from the field to the outside of it to make the keyboard to disappear).

[code]- (IBAction)endEditing:(id)sender
NSLog(@“I’m IN !”);
// resign to be the first responder > keyb disappear
[[self view] endEditing:YES];


But, it’s not working (at all) with the event “Touch Up Outside” (that I presume has been sent when my finger tap the screen outside the textfield) … Where is my mistake ?
Any idea ?

thx for your help !


rem : I found an answer but it’s not very ‘clean’ for me … I put a large transparent UIButton behind the DetailView …
When the user tap this button (all the surface but the others fields) the endEditing:YES is executing