Silver Challenge - stop the Partial Curl from covering Text


Has anyone figured out how to stop the UIModalTransitionStylePartialCurl from covering up the data in the upper left hand corner without manually ‘hard coding’ the xib file contents to lower areas? Is there a way to auto resize this for this view? I’ve already tried implementing the auto resizing mask feature with no success at all (enabled it, used it, set it up with a CGSize with no luck). Any ideas?

The only method I could think of (which I wanted to avoid) consisted of creating a sub view in that view that contained everything that loads within the viewWIllLoad method as such:

    if([[super navigationController] modalTransitionStyle] == UIModalTransitionStylePartialCurl){
        CGRect frame = [[super view]frame];
        [mainView setCenter:CGPointMake( self.view.bounds.origin.x + frame.size.width / 2, self.view.bounds.origin.y + frame.size.height /2)];

    [[self view] addSubview];

Which results in :

This way also kind of annoys me, (unless I have to set it up in ItemsViewController, because I see a slight delay in it loading/sizing when the page flips. Does anyone else have any ideas?


If I were you, I would investigate if the position of the curl can be moved to another corner, eg. the lower right corner.

Otherwise, you can wrap your UI controls in a view in the NIB file and move that view programmatically to anywhere you want in its parent view.


The only thing I’ve found how to really change the angle is which is OpenGL free library.


My solution: Create an additional DetailViewController~ipad.xib for the iPad version and there, move all the subviews to the center of the screen.

Only downside for both the iPhone & iPad version: You do not see the title of the BNRItem in the navigation bar on top.