Simulated memory warning never calls "clearCache"


I was trying to get my clearCache method to fire but am unable to: i added a bunch of pictures in the simulator but that did not trigger a memory warning, nor did sending “simulated memory warning” in the iphone simulator. How can i get the method to fire? I thought maybe it was my own code so i directly opened the nerd ranch sample project for chapter 15 and i’m cant get the clearCache method to ever trigger (i have a breakpoint on it).

any ideas how i can get the clear cache method to fire?

i’m targeting a iOS 4.3 phone simulator from xcode 4.0.2.

also, I have a question on how to research what notifications are available - i want to answer the question “What notifications are available for me to listen to with the default notification center?” but i’m stumped about how to get this information. I know i can look in every class for any defined “notifications” but i’m hoping to find a list of all the default notifications. i’ve searched the NSNotificationCenter class documentation but i dont see anywhere that the possible strings for notification Names can be found. i also tried searching for UIApplicationDidReceiveMemoryWarningNotification to see if i could find a list of other possible strings but Google, Bing and Apple Dev site all came up blank for me. Doing this search on the Apple site even caused an unhandled exception in their website…