Simulator - Black Screen

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Check out the screenshot here:

It’s a bit different in Xcode 8.2.1. That Xcode 8.x screen shot is from last September. Apple has had more than enough time since then to rethink their user interface, rename a few Swift classes and invalidate some Swift syntax. Here’s the modern way:


Note that your screenshot shows that you’re in the Build Settings tab (the text is blue), which earlier you said you couldn’t locate.

Just in case anyone else finds this thread while in search of a solution to the black screen problem, I’d like to mention that the problem came back. So none of the things I posted here as possible solutions turned out to be the actual solution. What fixed it for me was using an external monitor rather than my laptop monitor. I am now using Xcode 8.2.1 on my MacBook Air, but with an external monitor (Dell U2412M, for what it’s worth).

Since I started using an external monitor I have not seen the problem again.