Simulator Low Memory Not Triggering viewDidUnload


I set up the view controller to log messages in both the didReceiveMemoryWarning and viewDidUnload methods. I then ran the app in the simulator and selected Simulate Memory Warning. I see two messages logged:

2010-06-11 11:22:20.210 HypnoTime[55132:207] Received simulated memory warning.
2010-06-11 11:22:20.212 HypnoTime[55132:207] didReceiveMemoryWarning

The first message isn’t one that I’m logging with NSLog, so I assume it’s a message to let me know that the app received the simulated memory warning. The viewDidUnload did not seem to get triggered, however. Is there something else I need to do to cause that to get triggered?


Only view controllers whose views are not currently on the screen get their views trashed and sent viewDidUnload. Could that be the problem? Also, make sure you have spelled viewDidUnload correctly - sometimes I see people type viewDidUnLoad.